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Teletherapy Counselor available at The Wellness Counseling With over 30 years of professional counseling experience, I remain sincere and dedicated: with my own self-care I prevent provider burnout. It is a privilege to support clients who are seeking solutions and positive changes in their life. Clients are individual, important and deserve my genuine empathy with skill to focus on a comprehensive plan to find wellness mentally, physically and spiritually.

My experience has included work with individuals of all ages including couples, families and groups. I have collaborated with various professionals including educators, clergy, medical practitioners, military service members and other counselors.

If you prefer to speak Spanish, my bilingual bicultural Puerto Rican heritage from New York City is an asset. It is important to maintain awareness of culture and respect individual diversity when in the counseling process.

In 1983 I received an MSW degree in NYC at CUNY Hunter College Graduate School of Social Work. I am licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in Florida and Texas (inactive in NY). Since 2010 I have been a certified yoga instructor, incorporating the tools of mind and body wellness, breath work, mindfulness and meditation to promote balance and stability.

In recent years I have worked as a military family life counselor providing non-medical counseling to service members and their families, helping to improve resiliency, relationships and maintain peak performance. Working on military bases around the world and in Florida has broadened my perspective of developing wellness in a variety of places and circumstances.

We all face times when consulting a confidential, insightful, unbiased, caring and skilled support person could be useful. If you are ready to find solutions to a difficult challenge in your life, resolve a conflict, or implement strategies to improve wellness with the support of a guiding professional, then consider making an appointment with me for an initial teletherapy counseling consultation today.

Going to a counselor’s office is no longer the only option to receive confidential counseling services.

Lydia C. Cerpa also provides teletherapy counseling services in Spanish

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