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Teletherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the method of receiving counseling services through online Internet video streaming in the convenience of your own home, office, or preferred private, quiet space.

Who provides teletherapy?

Video counseling at a distance seems easy and has many advantages. However, it takes skill and extra caution to do it safely and well. For that reason the therapist should be well trained in understanding the tools of technology and the clinical parameters of providing safe and adequate care through video conferencing. I am credentialed in Florida and Texas as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, which qualifies me to provide these services if you are a resident of Florida or Texas.

Who is a good candidate for teletherapy?

Many people consider teletherapy for convenience, confidentiality and cost effectiveness. Various barriers may prevent someone from attending traditional appointments in an office in person.

In 2012 I began conducting teletherapy providing short-term solution focused cognitive behavior therapy for clients recovering from critical medical events; they saw measurable improvement in their emotional and physical health as a result of the teletherapy provided to them in the convenience of their home.

When in Miami, many of my clients preferred teletherapy when the traffic and parking challenges in the city would interrupt the productivity of their day if they chose to come to the office for an appointment.

As long as you are not in an emergency situation, you can consider teletherapy as an option to traditional counseling to help you reach your personal goals. Together we can evaluate your situation and discuss your in your first appointment.

What is the cost of Teletherapy and does my insurance pay?

The sessions are priced affordably with the convenience of paying online using your credit card or your Health Savings Account card. Check with your insurance network to determine the details of your policy. Since I am an out of network provider, you pay directly to my online office and file for reimbursement from your insurance company with the “Superbill” receipt which I can provide to you.

How do I get started and what is required?

You will contact me for your first appointment and I will send you a link to fill in electronic forms, log in to the WeCounsel confidential, HIPAA compliant video platform and you will begin as soon as we agree on a mutually compatible time for our first meeting. You can use whichever device (desktop or laptop computer, phone, tablet with video camera) is most convenient for you and will have an opportunity to conduct a test for sound and video quality prior to the session. It is recommended that you select a place that is private, where you will not be disturbed and use headphones for privacy. It is a good idea to take notes and be prepared to keep track of your goals and progress.

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