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Teletherapy Frequently Asked Questions

What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is the method of receiving counseling services through online Internet video streaming in the convenience of your own home, office, or preferred private, quiet space.

Who provides teletherapy?

The counselor needs to be a therapist licensed to provide therapy in your State of residence. In this case, Lydia is licensed in New York and Florida as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Video counseling at a distance seems easy and has many advantages. However, it takes skill and extra caution to do it safely and well. For that reason the therapist should be well trained in understanding the tools of technology and the clinical parameters of providing safe and adequate care through video conferencing.

Lydia Cerpa at Wellness Counseling Services has been trained in video therapy services since 2012, when she began as a provider for AbleTo, providing short-term solution focused cognitive behavior therapy for clients recovering from medical concerns. They benefitted from therapy provided to them in the convenience of their home.

She has also completed a TeleMental Health training by TeleMental Health Institute to become proficient in the most up to date recommendations for teletherapy as it applies to providing counseling and life coaching.

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